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YOU Can Shoot Down The RED BARON Too!!

Have you ever wondered what it was like to engage in one-on-one air combat just like the real fighter pilots of World War One? Well now, you can. You can experience all of the thrills and none of the spills of aerial "Dog Fighting".

Re-enact with the modern RED BARON how his namesake of old engaged and shot down 80 allied aircraft, or become for a while Captain Roy Brown, the Canadian pilot who is credited by some with shooting down the Red Baron himself.

This unbelievable flight is the ultimate Thrill Seeker adventure.

Before the flight, you will be fully briefed on the upcoming "Dog Fights" and you will be equipped with all of the combat flying clothing. This adventure is for TWO people, so bring a friend and share the most ‘mind blowing’ experience you will ever have.

Average Duration: 45mins

About Bankstown Airport

If taking M5 use Henry Lawson Drive Exit

Hangar 109 Drover Rd.,
Bankstown Airport, NSW 2200

Dress Code

It is essential you wear suitable footwear for this activity. Please wear CLOSED-IN shoes like trainers, hiking shoes or boots. Thongs, sandals and Crocs are not suitable.
Wear comfortable clothing, if it's warm, wear shorts as you will be wearing a flight suit over the top of your clothes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended.

Other Information

Pls don't don't eat anything too heavy or greasy right before your flight. Pls avoid carbonated drinks until after your flight.


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Sun, 26 May 2019

Morning Start
9:30am Session - 11:00am Session -
Afternoon Start
12:30pm Session - 2:00pm Session - 3:30pm Session -

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