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Fly with your wingman and experience all the thrills of formation and aerobatic flight together! You will fly in close military-style formation, near enough that you will be able to see the smile's on each other's faces as your pilots start their aerial dogfight. Have you have ever wondered what it was like to engage in one-on-one air combat like the fighter pilots of World War One? Experience it for yourself!

The flight is conducted in the Red Baron Extra Stunt Plane and the Red Baron Pitts Special, Open Cockpit Biplane.

Upon your arrival at Red Baron HQ, Bankstown, you will both be suited in a flight-suit and prepared to board. Once your pre-flight briefing is complete your pilots will strap you securely into the cockpits and fasten your headset. There will be plenty of time for your family and friends to take photographs of you as you prepare for your flight.

You and your wingman will take off side by side in formation and head out for the ultimate experience. You’ll be able to hear all the calls to air traffic control as well as speak to your pilot through the intercom.

Once airborne you’ll head west towards the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Over St Mary’s you’ll climb to 3500ft-4000ft. When ready your pilots will start the aerial dogfight. Your pilots will take turns at chasing each other down and completing all sorts of aerobatic manoeuvres to avoid each other!

On completion, you will break away for a more extreme individual aerobatics sequence. Once your individual aerobatics are complete you will rejoin formation and head back to base for a formation landing.

This unbelievable flight is the ultimate Thrill Seeker adventure for two.

Average Duration: 1.5hr session with a flight time of approx 30 mins.

About Bankstown Airport

If taking M5 use Henry Lawson Drive Exit

Hangar 109 Drover Rd.,
Bankstown Airport, New South Wales 2200

Dress Code

It is essential you wear suitable footwear for this activity. Please wear CLOSED-IN shoes like trainers, hiking shoes or boots. Thongs, sandals and Crocs are not suitable.
Wear comfortable clothing, if it's warm, wear shorts as you will be wearing a flight suit over the top of your clothes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended.

Spectator Information

Friends/family are welcome to accompany you to the airport.
There will be opportunities to take photos of you with the aeroplane and we have a passenger lounge where friends and family can wait while you head up into the skies.

Weather Information

If the weather is not suitable for your flight we will contact you before your flight and organise a time to reschedule.

Other Information

Please ensure that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your departure time.
Please avoid greasy foods and carbonated drinks before your flight. For best results with motion sickness, we recommend a light meal 1-2 hours before your flight.


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Fri, 25 Sep 2020

Morning Start
10:30am Session - 10:30am Session -
Afternoon Start
12:00pm Session - 12:00pm Session - 1:30pm Session - 1:30pm Session - 3:00pm Session - 3:00pm Session -

Sat, 26 Sep 2020

Morning Start
10:30am Session - 10:30am Session -
Afternoon Start
1:30pm Session - 1:30pm Session - 3:00pm Session - 3:00pm Session -

Sun, 27 Sep 2020

Afternoon Start
1:30pm Session - 1:30pm Session - 3:00pm Session - 3:00pm Session -

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